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How #Hire18’s Recruiting Startup of the Year,, is Revolutionizing Hiring

What if employers were interviewed by the employee instead of the other way around?

This was the question that inspired founders Kaya Taner and Emma Tracey to develop, an e-staffing company focused on software developers. That and the understanding that tech talent often struggles to find a team that fits or the right tech stack. was born from this problem, their revolutionary question and the mission to get every developer the job that suits their talents and goals.

Have you heard about @SmartRecruiters’ #Hire18 Recruiting #startup winner, @Honeypotio? Here’s why you should be watching this tech:
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Companies Apply to Candidates, launched in 2016, is an invite-only community of 50,000+ highly curated tech professionals, including software developers, data scientists, UX designers, DevOps, QA testers and product owners. Before gaining admittance into, each professional is vetted through reviews of their code and interviews with the team. In any other job board, this is where tech talent will begin connecting with employers who have open roles.

With, roles are reversed.

Companies apply to the candidates they are most interested in and it is up to the professional to choose the employer to interview. The companies and their offers are presented side by side, providing the candidate the opportunity to easily compare opportunities. Additionally, condenses the job hunting time frame into 3 week periods by making the professional’s profile visible for 3 weeks at a time. This focuses the engagement and speeds up the time to hire.

Tech Behind Tech Talent

The premise is simple albeit overlooked by most Talent Acquisition Technologies. That simplicity carries over to the tech itself. Each professional is given a central profile from which they can show their skills and experience. automates the screening process and uses Artificial Intelligence to match companies and talent. These processes are supported by two algorithms:

  • GoodDeeds – An algorithm which evaluates candidates open source code to assess their entry into the platform
  • MindMatch – An algorithm that uses AI to facilitate a fit analysis between the organization and individual

What if candidates interviewed employers? Check out the revolutionary #recruiting #tech born from this question:
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Not only does this ease the job search for the professional, it assures employers that the individuals they see have been assessed with their needs in mind., though built with the struggles of tech talent in mind, still considers the needs of the companies in need of the right professional.

Does it Work?

Read the full article on SmartRecruiters to learn all about the success has experienced in the 2 years following inception.

*Photo Credit to SmartRecruiters

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Published on Jun 6, 2018

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